Diatribe​/​Mock Order split

by Mock Order

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Mock Order is a collaborative project by Cody (Ottawa, Canada) and Hannah (Dublin, Ireland). Cody wrote and recorded the instruments and wrote some of the lyrics, while Hannah did vocals, lyrics and artwork.

Micah Brown mixed and mastered the songs. He can be contacted at micahcharlesbrown@gmail.com

Cassette tapes of the split EP are available.

7" records will come out eventually. Labels, feel free to get in touch if you'd like to help release the record.

Feel free to contact us, for any reason: MockOrder@hotmail.com


released March 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Mock Order Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Supermarket Artifice
Supermarket artifice
We can see through your device

2 for 1
Get one free
Can we afford
Food this cheap?

Exploit cheap labour
So local shops
Just can’t compete

Bread for wealthy
Mouths to feed
Then you throw out
What they don’t need

Fraud is in your DNA
You’re wealthy ‘cause you underpay


Global market
Spare no penny
Fool a nation

Fraud is in your DNA
Profit motive, cultural decay

Fuck you big Supermarket
Track Name: Abattoir
Trailing in line
Spattered in grime

March out of the truck
One by one
Step into the crush
Look into the gun

I’ve seen it with
My own 2 eyes
And I can tell you
It’s no way to die

Heart beats
Ears prick
Skin cold
Stomach sick

I’ve seen it with
My own 2 eyes
Let me tell you
It’s no way to die

Life is zapped
No dignity
And who are we to decide anyway?

Life is zapped
No dignity
We take away
What could have been

March out of the truck
Look into the gun
Life is lost
Tell me who has won?