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by Mock Order

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released December 2, 2013

Mock Order is a collaborative project by Cody (Ottawa, Canada) and Hannah (Dublin, Ireland). Cody wrote and recorded the instruments, while Hannah did vocals, lyrics and artwork.

Feel free to contact us, for any reason:

Thanks to Phil from Imminent Destruction Records for releasing this EP!



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Mock Order Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Unnatural Selection
Survival of the fit?
Try survival of the rich
Humankind has redefined
The evolution split

Money brings good health
So survival equals wealth
Rich survive, poor can’t thrive
Forget fitness and stealth

Unnatural selection
Track Name: Outcry
My home’s not a tank
My home’s not a cage
Why am I here?
It fills me with rage

The circus
The zoo
Do I entertain you?
My life, your way
You took me away

My home’s in the wild
My home’s running free
I live in the plains
I live in the sea
Track Name: Sleep Anxiety
Brain is fried
Bleary eyed
Couldn’t sleep last night
All day tired
Head is wired
Never sleep at night

Head still hurts
Pills don’t works
My thoughts are a blight
They cheer at me, jeer at me
I never sleep at night

Sleeping pills don’t work for me
Melatonin could be caffeine
Plan A Diphenhydramine
Plan B Benzodiazepine

And though I wait all day so I can go to sleep at night
They wait for me, lying there, my body just can’t fight
Head still hurts, pills don’t work, my thoughts are a blight
They cheer at me, jeer at me, I never sleep at night
Track Name: Consumed
I’m the consumer,
I want it all
I want fat
and I want salt
Give me additives, preservation
Sugar is sweet salvation
Factory meat
Forest for fields
Air polluted

Give it here
I want it all
I want fat
And I want salt
I’m the advertiser, I tell you
What you need and what to do
Degrade and lie, manipulate
Blame and shame, exaggerate
My super food
Will boost your health
Feed yourself
To feed my wealth
Track Name: Sexual Liberation
No power, no blame
Just passion, no shame
Indulge or abstain
Sexuality without shame
Track Name: Disarm
Last night I had a dream of ionising radiation
People were on fire running from the power station
The soil was cracked and yellow, contamination
Farms and fields and fallout, life cremation

So go ahead
Have some fun
Go ahead
Kill us all
Pride comes
Before a fall

Nuclear waste was brimming from the water that we drank
The news report conceded that the submarines had sank
The waste was in the sea (the fish would give us cancer)
Months ago they told us nuclear power was the answer

So go ahead
Don’t think twice
Explode us all
With your device
Go ahead
Think fast
Critical mass

Last night I had a dream that nuclear power never happened
There was no Nagasaki and Chernobyl wasn’t blackened
The seas by Sellafield were clean and clear and pure
No evacuees, no cancers without cure

So go ahead
Keep us all
From your harm